The Hurts Locker vol. 1 #DanceClub

The #DanceClub playlist gives me life and is powered and inspired by my travels and experiences abroad, in fact, most were recorded in Europe (namely Vienna, Austria, also Paris France circa 2013) also Turkey (namely Istanbul in 2012) during my quests to discover my name and new project sound, also to just spread my wings a bit outside of what I felt was a monotonous sound in the U.S. at the time..some may feel this sound is a bit too outside of the box for the Truth Hurts they know, which is how these songs became a part of the "hurtslocker", but I personally feel that I find my greatest liberation in what name truly means in this playlist...enjoy the dance club playlist



1. Stalker produced and powered by Paul Blaze additional production by Bari, written by Truth

2. Dizzy produced and powered by Bari and Truth

3. Nothing Lasts Forever produced by James Bks written by Truth and Alexis Nicole

4. Everybody produced and powered by DJ Burak Yeter written by Truth

5. All my Life produced and written by Big Ali featuring Truth