The Hurts Locker vol. 1 #VINTAGITRUTHMAKES

The Vintagi Truthmakes playlist consist of all of the remakes or revised classics I've ever touched for different reasons, vibes, and moments in my music career thus far..the one most special, near and dear to my heart is the "shattered dreams truthdubmix" because of the moment in which it was created in 2010 when myself and JD Copperfield were writing/creating in Vienna Austria, heard the original at an Italian restaurant then later that night went to the lab and decided to give the original a little "truth lift" and THAT was the 1st time I fell in love with Europe and found it was the place I wanted to spend most of the rest of my life. The nuances between that moment and the memory of what the original "shattered dreams" by Johnny Hates Jazz meant to me as a kid growing up in St Louis Missouri so effected and incited by pop rock in the 1980's are amazing comparisons in my heart and spirit..


•Boyfriend Originally made as "Mass Appeal" by Gang Starr ...reproduced and powered by JD (Bari) Copperfield and Truth

•Love Changes Originally made by Mothers Finest reproduced and powered for the Soul Food album UK vocals by Truth

•Come to Me Originally made by James Ingram and Patti Austin ..reproduced and powered by Chaz Mason featuring Truth

for the album Primary Colors

•When it rains it pours tribute to Minnie Music originally made for Minnie Riperton Adventures in paradise 1975 ..reproduced and powered by Truth

•Shattered Dreams truthdubmix Originally made by Johnny Hates Jazz ...reproduced and powered by JD (Bari) Copperfield and Truth

•For your Precious Love Originally made by Linda Jones ..reproduced for The Ali Movie powered by Truth